TEN6 Creative solves challenging location for Genesys conference

03 Jul 19

“Genesys Xperience19 was the biggest project we’ve ever done, which was very exciting,” says Matt Culverhouse, CEO of TEN6 Creative.

The brief was to create the annual B2B conference for Genesys, a telecommunications company with a focus on customer experience solutions.

The event which took place in May, was described by Culverhouse as a cross between a user conference and a customer conference aimed at customers getting together with “huge networking opportunities.”

If the name Genesys doesn’t ring any bells, this isn’t surprising. The company’s tagline for 2019 was “The biggest Silicon Valley company you’ve never heard of.”

However, this company, worth over US$2bn, looks after 85 of the Fortune 500 companies, so “the actual calibre of the attendees was amazing,” says Culverhouse. The 2,600 attendees included staff from companies such as Oracle and Uber.

So was Ten6 Creative tentative or terrified in their approach? Hardly. The company decided to go all-out to create an enduring experience.

The theme for Genesys Xperience19 was to make every moment count. “We took that theme and ran with it. We put together an opening experience on the main stage – orchestrating the biggest moments in time from Sputnik to Barack Obama, the first iPod, as well as 9/11 because not every moment is positive. We showed peaks and troughs at an emotive level. There were some teary eyes as well as applause and laughter.”

For maximum impact, the video was played on a 56-metre LED wall – it was the biggest screen that TEN6 Creative had used and the biggest that the venue had ever seen. The video was played to the accompaniment of a 12-piece orchestra on stage that played a mash-up of tracks from Cold Play to The Killers.

“The best thing for me was seeing everyone’s phone up recording it because they wanted to see it again,” Culverhouse said.

For the keynote speaker, Platon, the British photographer was chosen, who has captured the images of Michelle and Barak Obama, Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg, to name just a few.

The event company worked with several speaker bureaus, planning well in advance, almost a year before the event itself.

“The reason why we booked him in terms of the theme is in capturing the moment when someone has a photograph taken – how they make that moment count. Platon talked about the moment – and the photographs he has taken from Putin to Adele.”

The venue was at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Centre with the dramatic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The 85-acre property has 1,501 rooms, 46,000 sqm of convention centre space and an indoor/outdoor water park plus eight restaurants.

It’s a relatively new venue, which opened in December 2018. The Genesys conference was the largest-scale production hosted by the resort, explains Culverhouse.

“We had 66 ancillary and breakout rooms. We literally took over the whole property. Every bedroom was booked out to us. It was branded Genesys from head to toe. From the front door to the napkins and flags.”

The biggest challenge was the location, explained TEN6 Creative’s CEO, as Denver is not a state renowned for being a big convention town.

The reason why it had to be in Denver in the first place was that Genesys had signed a five-year contract to be at the Gaylord venues.

“There is literally nothing for miles. It’s a 40-minute drive to get into Denver town centre. When they built the property they had to build a fire station and all sorts!” Culverhouse says.

Finding local labour was a problem, and TEN6 Creative maxed out Denver’s local labour and had to bring in people from Arizona.

“Logistically, it was the hardest job we’ve ever done,” Culverhouse admits, although the company has learned an enormous amount from the experience. “We’ve done it now, so what’s the next hurdle?

This article was originally posted on m&it.co.uk