TEN6 Celebrates International Women's Day

24 Feb 20

This Sunday, 8 March is International Women’s Day, which honours the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. To celebrate, TEN6 staffers nominated a handful of powerful women in the events, hospitality and incentives industry who they believe deserve some kudos.

Without further ado, here just a few of the incredible women who we wanted to spotlight (many of whom we’ve been lucky enough to partner with in some capacity along the way).

Lex Butler
Founder & Operations Director at Wolf & White

Lex Butler is a well-respected professional in the M.I.C.E. industry, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments in the experiential brand and live event sectors. Butler has established her career at live brand agency Wolf & White, and also serves as Chairman of the Board for the events and hospitality association HBAA.

What the TEN6ers had to say: “I nominate Lex for several reasons. As a fiercely independent female, she has built a very successful company from scratch in a very brief period of time. Throughout the entirety of her career, she has always looked out for others, and with every element of success, she has shared the fruits of her labour with various good causes and charities.

Generous, kind and authentic, Lex's personality and honest approach to everyday life mean that all those who meet her will be better for it, not to mention having a laugh along the way. She leaves arrogance at the door and has no sort of ego, although it could be justified. She’s also ridiculously charitable, and she truly cares about giving back. She is an all-round good egg and deserves a bit of recognition.”

Justine Catterall
Freelance Creative Producer & Showcaller

Justine Catterall is a familiar face to many of the TEN6 staff, having been an integral player at many of our events. Catterall has been an events professional for more than two decades and is one of the more respected faces in the industry.

What the TEN6ers had to say: “A level head in any situation, Justine is one of the most professional yet personable people I have ever met in the events industry! Without her presence, numerous shows would have not been nearly as successful. When the team needs someone to lean on, Justine is the one to provide this. She does all of this still while being a single mum who spends a lot of time away from her son but always makes time for him either at home or when on-site.”

“Justine is a superstar. She’s a professional lady who does an amazing job, and she’s a mom who juggles travelling the world and being an awesome parent!”

Carla Harris
Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

While Carla may not technically be in the events industry, many of the TEN6 Creative staff had the distinct pleasure of hearing her speak about the importance of diversity in the workplace at the 2020 Levi’s Leadership Summit. As the first African American to join Morgan Stanley’s management committee, Harris imparts her well-earned wisdom on motivation, success, and exceeding expectations on audiences around the world.

What the TEN6ers had to say: “Though I don’t know Carla personally, I still consider her a role model. Her tenacious and charismatic spirit is wholly captivating. After listening to her speak, I felt like I could conquer the world! Not only is she a badass businesswoman, but she’s also a talented speaker, a successful author and an incredible singer.”

Alva King
Events Coordinator at BBC

Alva King might have slightly less experience in the events industry than the other women on our list, but her personality makes her unmissable. She’s now been with the BBC for 7 years and has made a name for herself as a world-class events coordinator along the way.

What the TEN6ers had to say: “Alva is a nutter - and that's why I love her! She motivates herself every morning by the concept of the event being a success and does everything in her power to make it one! Alva has no interest in hearing ‘no’ and brings BAGS of personality to her role, the event and every room that she walks into. She is destined to go far in this industry and I hope to continue to watch her success.”

Lindsey Tomkins
Associate Regional Director of Sales at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Lindsey Tomkins has been in the hospitality and events industry for more than 15 years and has the clients and expertise to back it up. Tomkins has both local and global experience spanning across several renowned hotel brands, making her a professional powerhouse.

What the TEN6ers had to say: “An inspiring role model, a true relationship builder and a super mom, I'm yet to witness something this woman can't do! Lindsey can capture any room and leave a lasting impression with her positive outlook and passion for what she does. She’s a trusted partner with clients and colleagues alike.”

Nat Walker
Communications & Presentation Consultant, Executive Producer at TEN6 Creative

Okay, we might be a bit biased on this one, but we didn’t feel we could make a proper #IWD list without mentioning Nat.

What the TEN6ers had to say: “I’ve never met a person so comfortable talking to anyone at any level and giving constructive feedback. She brings a completely positive vibe to every situation and is one of the smartest people I know!

She’s a legend to have on the team, and a fantastic producer, girlfriend and now mother.

Can we also mention a couple of our incredible women-led partners? Of course we can...it’s our list.

All Raise

All Raise is an organisation created by women, for women, with a mission of propelling female founders and funders forward. All Raise brings female founders, funders, and operators together to connect and learn, creating space to energize the community and share ideas and experiences.

The Event Studio

An impressive group of (mostly) women, The Event Studio is a trusted partner in the live events space. TES prides themselves on becoming a seamless extension of their clients’ teams, adding the expertise to envision and execute their vision.