Team TEN6 - meet Will, our resident creative and Office DJ

06 Sep 19

Here at TEN6 Creative we have an amazingly diverse and different group of people, and we want to give you a chance to get to know us better. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing some interviews and insights with some of our key people, and where better to start than with our newest member of the team, Senior Designer - Will Hood:

How are you settling in?

Very well thanks, I feel like there is a big breadth of creative work been thrown my way already which I am enjoying. There’s already been a lot of new disciplines I’ve had to pick up, especially in 3D. I’m getting on great with the team, everyone is super friendly and helpful and making me feel very welcome, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all the extended team on site when I fly out to Amsterdam next week. I have primarily been working on the Amsterdam project for the last month so I can’t wait to see everything come together and meet some of our venders too to put faces to the names of all the people I have been emailing and pestering!

Tell us about your role at TEN6

I am here to lead the creative direction on anything from stage design to pre-event comms, signage, digital products and everything in-between, working with our clients to elevate their live experiences visually and creatively. I’m also working internally on taking the TEN6 branding to another level, tightening up our brand guidelines and ensuring consistency across everything we do from social media, to pitch work and presentations. I want to improve our standards globally and help develop and grow a larger creative team.

What were you up to before you joined us?

I was most recently a Senior Designer at Undercurrent, an experiential and live agency working with brands such as Samsung and EE in both a B2B and B2C capacity. This involved a lot of brand activations, working with up and coming technologies to make the most engaging experiences we could, as well as the stunts arm of the agency (House of Experience) working with Water Aid and WWF. This role was far more conceptual, working primarily at the ideas stage of a project, and part of the reason I joined TEN6 is the fact that I am able to work on projects from concept through to visualisation and eventually execution, especially when I get the opportunity to join the team onsite.

Favourite piece you worked on before joining us?

I would say the 2015/16 Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, a heritage based brand that set us the task of bringing them into the 21stcentury. The biggest challenge was rebranding the event while still keeping those traditional values that are associated with the race. I have never worked with a single company on such an extensive level over almost a year, and it wasn’t just race day that went through the process. Pre-event PR, press events, dinners all took on the new branding and we as team oversaw all the logistics of this to make sure every piece was consistent with what we were creating. I was also lucky enough to work with the BBC on the broadcasting side, and had the chance to train with the teams as part of the pre-event social media coverage… I wasn’t invited to row with them on the day though…!

What’s the best and most challenging part of being a designer?

The best part has to be coming up with a solution to a problem, it doesn’t have to be purely visual. You have to consider 2D and 3D, materials, space, the user experience and audience to name a few, with all these elements coming together as one. I like the variation of challenges I am faced with on a daily basis, it’s so much more than just graphic design and the satisfaction and sense of achievement you get creating an amazing solution to a brief makes all the hard work worth it. The biggest challenge is getting into the head of the client; sometimes they know what they want but don’t have a way to visualise it, and that’s where I come in, taking the brief and delivering something that not only lives up to expectations but surpasses them. As clients know and trust you more they open up to new ideas, and my job is to build that trust by delivering amazing work that consistently exceeds their expectations.

Do you have any design influences?

There is a studio that I really admire purely because of their simplicity called Hey Studio, based in Barcelona. Whenever I get a bit overwhelmed, hit a brick wall or start to overthink something, I like to refer back to their work. They break everything down so simply with minimal geometry led design and they always remind me that less can be more, and to consider going back to basics and look at things from a different, more simplistic perspective.

If you weren’t a designer what would you be doing?

I think an Architect, as I was always fascinated by large skyscrapers and architecture, especially when I used to come to London as a child and later when I first visited New York. Unfortunately, there was way too much education involved, and I was never very excited by mathematics, which is pretty fundamental to architecture.

Plans for the week?

Plan for this week is to finish some designs for an upcoming awards show we are working on and work on floorplans for an exhibition, looking at how we can build on what was a successful event last year for us and take it to the next level! I’ve joined a new gym near home as my plans to go in my lunch break haven’t quite materialised, so I’ll be aiming for some early training sessions. Apart from that, I would like to have a chilled week ahead of travelling to Amsterdam when I get to join the team on site for the first time.

Some quickfire questions for you now…

  1. Desert island Disc:
    1. I Am The Resurrection - Stone Roses
  2. Go-To Meal:
    1. To cook: Chicken, bacon and leak pie with mash, greens and onion gravy.
    2. Ordering out: Seafood platter (anything from the ocean).
  3. Karaoke song:
    1. Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
  4. Hidden talent:
    1. I am strangely good with a diablo and have no idea where I picked it up from.
  5. Weirdest phobia or thing you don’t like:
    1. Face paint or masks, I don’t know why, something must have happened to me as a child!

Thanks Will, we can’t wait for our yearly circus themed masquerade karaoke night in a few months.

Look out for more from our get to know series and if you have any questions for the team, let us know!