6 Experiential Team Building Activities

16 Sep 19

“Team building” is a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of even the most extroverted and sociable of people. At most internal events, compulsory fun activities are approached with a mixture of apprehension and apathy, something to endure rather than enjoy between the important business information and the booze being brought out. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, and at TEN6 we love creating activities that are tailored to your workforce, your culture and your company’s goals and objectives. Here’s six team-builders with twists to get your attendees bonding at your next event!

1. Ultimate Bake-Off

Who doesn’t love an activity based on food, and with the right venue (or a totally bespoke MasterChef style kitchen build) bringing together competing and eating is a sure fire way to get your audience working together! With almost endless bake-station ideas there’s something for everyone, whether cupcake decorating, building the tallest croquembouche, or classic donut eating (how many before you lick your lips)! For a final feel-good factor, have a charitable bake-sale with the results of everyone’s hard work and put some cash towards your chosen cause.

2. Collaborative Canvas Art

Perfect when broken down into smaller teams, set up large scale canvases around the room (think 10’ wide by 6’ high – graffiti wall style) and let your new-found artists go wild. Give them a theme to work with - perhaps it’s the tagline for your event or even start with your company logo centre-canvas – and make sure there’s a prize for the best final design, chosen by an impartial judge of course! And don’t just leave them with a few cans of paint, but set-up glitter stations, wallpaper samples, magazines to scrap from, airbrushes – just don’t forget the disposable coveralls to protect their smart-casual dress code for the rest of the event! Finally, make sure all you’re canvases are captured for sharing post-event by a great photographer – bonus points if you can find space in your office for the winners!

3. Community Garden

An activity with a social-responsibility focus, working together to plant a garden is an amazing team activity for a summer event, particularly if you’re an organisation lucky enough to own or be able to rent your own outdoor space. Whether you’re a team of hundreds and have allocated an area to dig, plant and tend an allotment, or a small team with a balcony, some pots and a few bags of seeds, designing a sustainable garden is a great way to leave a lasting legacy after your event. Focus on fruits, vegetables, chillies and herbs that will keep giving back to your team’s kitchens, or if you have the capacity why not see if there’s a local food bank or soup kitchen that would accept donations of fresh produce come harvest time.

4. The Hackathon

People are often put off the word “hack” because it sounds too programming-focused, worried it may alienate the less tech minded members of the team – but this is wrong, and missing out on a huge opportunity! A hackathon is ultimately a giant time-pressured idea-generation competition and can be tailored entirely to you – there doesn’t even have to be a computer in sight! Set teams by skillset, ensuring everyone has their fair share of sales and marketing heads, creators, developers, researchers, and support staff – but encourage people to mix-up their roles and share every idea. What you ask for is entirely up to you - perhaps teams are to come up with a new product, build a prototype (out of cardboard or lego!) and film a 30 second advert to sell it to you! Make sure you collate and collect ideas at the end and keep an open mind when listening to and learning from your staff – you never know which marketing team-member might come up with an incredible new product idea, or which HR professional will suddenly pull out the perfect sales pitch!

5. Pack-A-Pack

Another CSR focused activity and one that can be tailored to your audience or your own company’s charitable pursuits. From Christmas shoeboxes, to school supplies, to sanitary goods, we work with organisations to collate items and create packages for distribution to those most in need. Whilst as a company you’ll be donating important items, every individual will be donating their own time, and working in their teams can even add their own touches to their boxes or bags, such as personalised gifts, handwritten notes, or even a recorded video message to be played for certain recipients. A true give-back activity!

6. Cocktail Chemistry

If it’s been a long day of messages, tasks and information, time restraints might mean you need to tie-in your team-building with some relaxation and wind-down time. What better way to get people collaborating than offer them the chance to design the official cocktail of your event’s closing party! Bring in a team of mixologists or simply offer basic recipes, provide herbs, spices, fruits and mixers, and let teams customise to their heart’s delight. Once everyone has refined their recipe and given it an appropriate signature name, let teams rotate and vote on the best cocktail, before handing over to your F&B team to perfect and make for everyone as they arrive at the party! Side note – this works well with breakfast smoothies too, if the idea of near-unlimited booze doesn’t work for your budget – or workforce!