#FeelGoodFriday: Top 6 for 1st May

01 May 20

We’ve made it to May! At some points during April, it felt like the month would never end, so this is cause for celebration. We’re choosing to celebrate by taking a look back at our six favourite feel-good stories of the week.

1. Parks and Recreation Reunion

Fans of Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson and the entire Pawnee gang were thrilled when a Parks and Rec reunion came to fruition this week, all in support of the non-profit Feeding America. There was even a special rendition of 5,000 Candles in the Wind...RIP Lil’ Sebastian.

2. Mattel Celebrates Our Heroes

Mattel has released a new #ThankYouHeroes line of toys, celebrating the doctors, nurses, EMTs and delivery drivers who are keeping us safe during this crisis.

3. Deaf Grocery Store Employee Finds New Ways to Communicate

Matthew Simmons, who works for grocery store chain Trader Joe’s, has had a particularly difficult time adjusting to the new mask regulations in America. He is deaf but reads his customers’ lips, making it nearly impossible for him to communicate with customers during the pandemic. With the help of his store managers, he has found new ways to interact with customers.

4. The 2.6 Challenge

Many athletes have been disappointed with event cancellations as a result of Covid-19, including those who had trained tirelessly for the London Marathon. However, disappointment has led to creative innovation, and the 2.6 Challenge was born.

5. Rival Gangs in South Africa Declare a Truce

Gang members in South Africa have put their differences aside, working together to collect and distribute essential goods. Many gang members have gone on record with their hopes that the ceasefire will continue well after the pandemic slows, which could drastically curb violence in dangerous areas there.

6. Lego Glastonbury

Glastonbury may have been cancelled, but that isn’t stopping two Cheshire housemates from having a good time. Millions of people have watched the pair’s recreation of the festival, which was made with Legos in their garden.