Coronavirus Update: April 2020

16 Apr 20

Team TEN6 have officially been remote for over one month now, having implemented remote working one week before London officially went on lockdown. During this time, we’ve been taking time for personal and professional development, including courses ranging from PPC market and Vectorworks through to Spanish lessons.

It’s been difficult for all of us not seeing each other. We’ve been having weekly virtual team happy hours and fitness challenges, as well as creating collaborative weekly Spotify playlists (follow us on social to listen each Tuesday), but these activities don't compare to the time we would normally spend together in the office. I myself cannot wait to get back into the office and to get back to delivering events.

Despite feeling isolated and being barraged with bad news about the pandemic, we’re trying our best to stay optimistic and motivated. The impact of coronavirus will, of course, be devastating for many businesses. According to an online survey carried out by the Events Industry Forum (EIF) and Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) and coordinated by the Production Services Association (PSA), some 60% of the UK’s event industry’s supplier base is facing collapse within three months unless they receive further support from the Government. Sadly, some 6% of those businesses polled say they are unlikely to survive to the end of April.

While this is awful to hear, some good news also came out of the survey. In all, the study found that 74% of all conferences and exhibitions have been postponed to the last quarter of 2020 and the remainder cancelled altogether - but this is good news. Companies are taking risks to postpone because they understand the value of in-person events.

It’s been really interesting for me to listen to these digital experiences that are happening and how people are really focusing on digital to communicate with your clients. Questions are being asked about the future of the industry now that we’ve seen the capabilities of virtual meetings, but the live experience truly is second to none for almost every organisation, and digital will always be a supplemental part, but the live experience will continue to be crucial to businesses across industry sectors.

With the government expected to announce an additional 3 weeks of quarantine, we’re not out of the woods yet, but we refuse to be disheartened. It’s been extraordinary to see the events industry come together in these recent weeks. We’re disappointed to see the negative impacts of Covid-19 on our sector, but it has reaffirmed our beliefs that our community is strong and supportive - it’s the best industry to work in.

Stay safe, and we look forward to getting back out there very soon!

- Matt Culverhouse, TEN6 Creative CEO