Behind the Scenes at a TEN6 Event

18 Feb 20

By Amanda Groth, TEN6's brand new marketing master

After only three days into my new role with TEN6 Creative, I was given the opportunity to experience my first event with the team, the Levi’s Executive Leadership Summit. I was absolutely amazed by what I saw behind the scenes there, so to provide some insight into the intricacies that go into running an event of this scale (and to give me the opportunity to brag about my ridiculously talented colleagues), here’s a quick recap of my time on the west coast.

The Saturday before the event was set to begin, I boarded a flight from London to San Francisco, equally excited and nervous. Once I arrived, I loaded myself into a car and headed to Half Moon Bay, jetlagged and bleary-eyed and met the event staff at the Ritz Carlton, who were already hard at work in the middle of a production meeting. I was greeted by a cacophony of voices as TEN6 permanent staff members and freelancers worked together to finalise the content and programming for the coming days.

Still feeling slightly uncertain, I took in my surroundings. The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay is undeniably stunning, and the feeling of anticipation was palpable as the space was transformed from a dull, beige conference room to a bright and bustling Levi’s hub. It was clear that everyone working on the event was genuinely excited about the prospect of the coming days.

After the initial staff meetings and event run-throughs, we were ready for Day 1. As the Levi’s executives began to fill the room, I was able to contend with the immense task that lay ahead. From AV and lighting to speaker management and showcalling, we were truly shaping what could have been a dry, boring summit into a memorable event. Having never worked an event like this, I didn’t realise how multi-faceted the logistics are behind the scenes, which made those high-impact, engaging moments from the event all the more impressive.

The schedule for the event was fairly standard - keynote speakers, Q&A sessions, breakouts, networking, etc. - but the production was anything but. Behind the stage and flanking each side were three giant LED screens, making the event feel less like a corporate leadership summit and more like a high-energy stadium concert. Vibrant videos and upbeat music broke up what could have easily been monotonous sessions. The audience chatted excitedly during breaks, and I was delighted to pick up the occasional “wow” and “this is so cool” from my perch backstage.

As a result of the long list of TEN6’s responsibilities onsite, the days were quite long, often working from sunrise well into the evening. But despite the intense hours, the team remained committed and focused throughout, and ultimately (get ready for a bit of cheesiness), we genuinely had fun while we were at it. When the inevitable hiccups arose, I was consistently reassured by the creative problem-solving and support of my colleagues. I went into the event feeling uneasy, but I left feeling wholly heartened by the team’s talent and professionalism.