6 Alternative Venue Ideas To Break Your Event Out The Hotel Mould (With A Bonus Twelve Examples)

11 Oct 19

There’s a good reason that large hotels and conference centres are the go-to venues for conferences and meetings. They usually have purpose-built spaces, transport links, accommodation, knowledgeable coordinators, and generally make your life easier as an event professional. The problem is, they’re not always the most inspiring of venues, so if you’re looking for a different kind of venue, perhaps for a smaller crowd, a one day ceremony, a product launch or something just a little different, check out some of our favourite options to surprise and delight your delegates, and get in touch if you’d like to know more about working with us in any of these spaces!

1. Warehouses & Industrial Spaces

Industrial chic is everywhere these days – take a look around at your favourite restaurant or bar and you’ll see exposed brickwork, uncovered cable trays and bulbs hanging free – and there’s some incredible warehouse style venues out there to take advantage of. The biggest advantage of these spaces is that they’re blank canvases, limited only by your imagination, most even allowing complete freedom to use your own suppliers for catering, production, and even alcohol service.

Check out Liverpool’s incredible Camp + Furnace for spaces up to 600 theatre-style, or the shiny, all white 524 Flinders in Melbourne.



2. Botanical Gardens

We love taking delegates outdoors as it’s been proven time and time again that fresh air and nature boost energy and productivity. There are botanical gardens the world over, offering inspiring spaces for your audiences to explore as well as dedicated event spaces to bring them into business mode with an alfresco feel! These venues are also doing important work, researching and supporting the world’s fragile eco-system and maintaining plant species that otherwise may be lost – so you’ll get the feel-good factor of giving back to the planet too!

We love London’s Kew Gardens, with a mixture of modern illuminated conservatories, former royal residences and historical orangeries, or the stunning harbour-side Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, an almost unrivalled picture-perfect location your event photographer will love!



3. Sports Stadiums

An upgrade from the old-school round of golf, many of the homes to the big sports teams now offer a multitude of event spaces to host your guests, showcase your products, and even provide accommodation. Make sure to take advantage with their often very generous game packages, including VIP tickets, exclusive merchandise and meet and greets with current players or legends of their respective sports – for the right audience, this will be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

We love the variety of spaces available at the Emirates Stadium in North London, home to Premier League team Arsenal, or check out the Yankee Stadium in New York with a huge range of options from corporate suites all the way through to the Yankees Museum!



4. Museums & Galleries

How else could you hold an event amongst the ruins of a crashed spaceship, the bones of a 60 million year old dinosaur, or a priceless sculpture once thought lost to the world? Museums and galleries are versatile and stimulating spaces focused on absolutely anything from transport, to nature, to industry and design – so there’s always something that will suit your theme or audience.

Take a look at what’s on offer in the undisputed museum capital of Berlin, home to over 170 museums and galleries, or explore SF MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art in the heart of San Francisco, a space we love for its accessibility and sustainability as well as its visual and functional appeal.



5. Breweries, Distilleries & Vineyards

If all else fails, get people on the booze. We are only joking, of course, although in our experience there are few British and European audiences that will turn down a day drink. These venues offer exclusive spaces for presentations, exhibitions and launches, as well as a host of activities to reward your audience for after a long day of general session. Wine tastings and brewery tours are a great way to get teams bonding and chatting, and for the bravest of hosts, let your guests loose in a gin or whisky distillery – make sure every team and tour has a host to keep the talk business related… for as long as possible!

Check out the variety of stunning French châteaux amongst the vineyards of Bordeaux, or the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin, available for exclusive hire and with expert brewers on hand to educate your guests!



6. Planes, Trains & Buses

Kick-off your event early by making your audiences journey part of the experience – we can charter trains or hire exclusive carriages with everything from catering to entertainment and create a totally immersive journey. Or why not host a reception at a private lounge at the airport to welcome attendees before they even head to the event space? These high-touch techniques will enhance your relationships and make people feel like total VIPs. Or if you’re looking for something a little more “out there”, why not make the whole event an adventure! Boat cruises, party buses and even hot air balloons are great ways to treat your guests – just make sure you drop them off in the same place you picked them up!

Take your delegates on a spectacular cruise of Hong Kong Harbour with Bauhinia and experience their stunning, world famous laser show, or check out Scotland’s Jacobite Steam Train, made famous in the Harry Potter films as the Hogwarts Express – magical!



Seen anywhere on this list that takes your fancy? We’ve thrown events like this and more all over the world - give us a shout at getcreative@ten6creative.com and let’s chat!