Linkedin Sales Kick Off 2017


Following feedback from SK’16, LinkedIn tasked us with creating three regional Sales Kick Off’s versus the existing global programme. With 2500 attendees, making the content relevant to everyone, whilst providing specific regional examples was creating a challenge and was providing an engagement issue.

Bringing together the full regional sales force (many of whom are home workers), the event is designed to showcase the previous year’s successes and energise and motivate the workforce for the year ahead.

We were tasked with creating an event that attendees were excited to attend, with a blend of education, entertainment and interactivity maintaining high energy and using free time to showcase the internal talent pool, with yoga classes through to a full LinkedIn’s Got Talent evening.

LinkedIn’s brand ethos is all about employee experience. From Bring Your Parents to Work Day, to a multi-million dollar corporate social responsibility, the day to day working environment is of paramount importance and something which needed to be reflected within each of these, now regional, Sales Kick Offs.

How we did it...

By splitting our audience across three very different regions, the most important objective was to create a cohesive experience across the board. We approached the whole project and content from a central perspective, taking a theme of Transformation and implementing it across the messaging arc of each event as well as the experiences available, from costumes and décor to interactive art displays. We then took the centralized agenda and identified opportunities for senior regional speakers to deliver key ideas most relevant to their audience and inject their own local flavor.

To maintain this, we provided the same production show team across all three events using a “roadshow” style model, providing the perfect mixture of consistency with flexible boundaries. We designed a high-end scalable set and stage, centered around a curved 7:1 screen so that content could be re-used at each location whilst taking into consideration the vastly different sizes of audience. Working closely with both the central design team and individual regional speakers, we provided coaching and rehearsal support to ensure every speaker, performer and event stakeholder had their input whilst maintaining the theme, branding and high-quality of message delivery across the board.

Absolutely flawless! Kinda forgot where I was in the world, you guys recreated it beautifully – no easy task from Vegas to Malaga!
Mike Gamson Senior Vice President, Global Solutions




Singapore, Malaga, Las Vegas

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