Levi's Leadership Summit 2020


The Levi’s Executive Leadership Summit is one of the most important events on the company’s internal calendar. With 250 attendees from around the world, TEN6 Creative were tasked with creating an event which facilitated idea sharing, team learning and bonding opportunities that transcended distance, language and culture barriers.

Having built and produced the 2019 edition of the Levi’s Executive Leadership Summit, we were excited to take audience feedback into consideration to tailor the event and produce even better results in 2020.

How we did it...

As always, our main focus for the event was to enhance audience experience and increase engagement. Working with our partners, The Event Studio, we elevated the production value of the event by bringing in a massive LED wall consisting of three 33 x 12-foot panels, allowing speakers to create more dynamic presentations with centre states and background video options in addition to slide decks.

Another development for the 2020 event was live audience polling. Thanks to the split LED screens, presenters asked attendees to answer questions through their event app and display the results live as they came in. This not only involved the audience but was also used to drive donations for the Red Tab Foundation. Using this technology, the philanthropy team helped drive donations by asking attendees to make pledges in the room. They could then track how many people had pledged and “shame” (lightheartedly, of course) those who hadn’t.

Of course, not everything goes to plan when running an event of this size. No one could have predicted the impact the coronavirus would have on the event industry - and indeed, on the world - and unfortunately, this brought about some unique challenges for this show. At the last minute, event organisers were forced to ask the Asia teams to cancel their travel. Without these attendees and presenters, adjustments were quickly made, subbing in a pre-recorded message from the Asia team in lieu of their presentation.

Many event attendees complimented the team on the polished and professional manner with which the event was delivered, and even external presenters commented on the production and execution. Compared to previous events, attendees felt more confident that their time was well spent and their feedback was being considered.




Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, USA

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