Levi's Leadership Summit 2019


The Levi’s Leadership Summit brings together over 250 Levi’s senior executives from all over the world for a week of celebration, reflection, networking and planning ahead for the year to come. It’s an opportunity to share thoughts, questions and ideas of how the organisation can move forward while giving attendees the best tools to take back to their teams and regions to further spread the messages of the week.

We were tasked with the build and overall production of the general session room including furniture and stage fabrication and managing the AV and show control teams over the build and show week.

How we did it...

Working with our partners, The Event Studio, we focused on bringing the “Levi’s Store” look to life on the mainstage with a custom-built plywood finish to replicate the Levi’s visual identity around the world. Every little detail was taken into consideration, from having a 3D Levi’s Batwing logo build on the stage, to a bespoke lighting design reflecting the day’s messaging theme.

We also guided the Levi’s team in how to maximise the production value and best manage the agenda in order to improve audience engagement and utilise the incredible wealth of speakers and video content they had on offer. We worked with every speaker to make the most of their presentations, adding personalised walk-on stings complimenting both their agenda topics and speaker individuality.

This was the best Leadership Summit ever. It certainly exceeded expectations and the feedback is outstanding.
Kelly McGinnis SVP & Chief Communications Officer




Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, USA

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