Genesys Sales Kick Off 2018


An annual event on the Genesys sales team calendar; SKO is designed to showcase the best of the previous year and set targets for the following financial year. This is the one occasion of the year that brings together every member of the global sales team, promoting team-spirit and a sense of unity.

Our creative thinking and innovative ideas for audience engagement are the main reasons Genesys chose us; they appreciated our eagerness to do things differently. SKO attendees all work for Genesys so attendance is mandatory, but we worked hard to create an experience they wanted to be at; rather than a standard conference notification, we created attendee investment beginning at the point of invitation.

We were particularly keen to not only celebrate the previous year and lay out plans for FY18, but also to offer learning opportunities across a wider landscape, focusing again on team-building, personal connections, and customer experience.

How we did it...

We pulled out a number of thematic trends from their external marketing to utilise internally, providing consistency of message and uniting the Genesys sales teams perception with their outward marketing and branding, using their “Moments Connected” concept throughout.

We worked closely with on-stage executives to tailor their content to the large screen and support with their content design, but more importantly, to ensure they understood the Moments Connected message.

As learning was a huge part of this event, we put together a “Solutions Café” where partners of Genesys could showcase their newest products and services to the Genesys sales team. Each partner acted as a sponsor of the event providing crucial revenue.




Hilton San Francisco, United States

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Through our 2018 Kick-off, we wanted to celebrate our previous successes and set our teams up for an even bigger year ahead. TEN6 helped us realize our goal to transform our event into a fully interactive experience that would inspire our teams to learn and get them excited about the bright future ahead for Genesys.
Mark Turner Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Field Operations

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